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Zalomi’s Online Store for Used Chromebooks at Best prices in UAE

The refurbished laptops, like Chromebooks, are now available online at Zalomi. Buy a laptop, especially for educators and students for learning purposes, chromebook is an essential go-to device. Chromebooks are efficiently known for their ease of use and ultimately known for their unique features as well.

Chromebooks are an easy-to-use device which has been proven fast and secure. It is a popular choice with improved capabilities along with our partners of famous brands.

Feature of Chromebook to highlight is its easy access to the games. Chromebooks will now bring full PC and console games with the support of leading gaming platforms. The new gaming Chromebooks make it easier and launch the game. Gamers are more likely to find the games they love and can initiate an instant start as well.

What are Refurbished Chromebooks?

The search to buy a new Chromebook something beyond your budget would end up at Refurbished Chromebook. Refurbished is always termed to be used but still refers to a few key differences.

  • Refurbished ones may or may not be used at all while used Chromebooks are previously owned and used at least once.
  • A refurbished Chromebook is also an open-box Chromebook that could have once sold and opened once but not used. It might be also one that had a previous life as a floor display which is sold as brand new.
  • Refurbished ones on par with brand-new Chromebooks and laptops, are subjected to updation, repair and restoration.
  • The quality tests giving the backup assurance, guarantee and warranty have been successful on Refurbished Chromebooks.
  • A refurbished model can be an up-to-date model to attain the maximum viewing time or work with the newest applications and software.

How to Choose the Refurbished Chromebooks?

In the online market, selecting a refurbished Chromebook is subject to certain norms.

  • Size: Refurbished Chromebooks range in three different sizes from 12-inch small display model, a 14-inch mid-size display model and a 15.6-inch large display model.
  • A refurbished Chromebook selection involves a selection of processors as well.
  • Screen resolution: Resolution is the viewing preferences of smaller pixels. The resolution option is vast with the Chromebooks.
  • Memory: The memory choice of refurbished Chromebooks is the solid-state drive capacity of either 32GB or 128 GB.

Why are Refurbished Chromebooks a better choice?

The exponential demand of Chromebooks is for:

  • Its Affordability
  • Highly engaging properties
  • User-friendliness
  • Seamless access to learners.
  • Simplified device management when compared to Windows-based laptops.

Chromebooks are a proven game-changer and refurbished Chromebooks, engaging in a safe and organized ecosystem. The cost-effective support makes it an excellent option for a refurbished Chromebook to take advantage of cutting-edge apps, affordable package, long battery life and unmatched performance.

Pick up a powerful Chromebook with the features:

  • Compatible with other apps
  • Run on Google’s Chrome operating system
  • Optimized for Google Apps
  • Access to a world of Android apps.
  • Minimalist Design
  • Price solely depends on the brand and model.
  • No refreshing of plans in the immediate future.
  • Chromebooks don't become obsolete.

Refurbished Chromebooks can offer the same benefits as the new ones. Zalomi, the established provider of refurbished Chromebooks, renders the cost-effective possibilities to fall into the category.

Difference between Chromebooks and Laptops

Despite the outer similarity that both devices hold, they are known to have many differences. With the extended benefits of lightweight design and affordability, Chromebooks meet the goal by relying on an expanded version of Google Chrome as the operating system. Chromebooks effectively deal with day-to-day computing tasks and perform excellently in many areas.

Whereas used laptops in UAE run more complicated programs use Microsoft Windows or Mac OS as their operating system facilitating to perform more advanced functions. Similarly, the more intensive computing applications can be efficiently handled with laptops.

 Refurbished Chromebooks - The Benefits


Chromebooks are a reliable and efficient choice with an affordable price point specifically designed for everyday computers. The light and highly portable features of Chromebooks offer much of the functionality of the daily requirements and are designed to integrate with other Google products. Despite the lower price, Refurbished Chromebooks come with less storage space but provide the provision to add onboard storage space.

Guaranteed Security

Chromebooks are relatively simple and are even more secure than laptops. Chromebooks are easier to secure with their simplified and efficient operating system.


Buy Chromebooks online with the Google Chrome-based operating system which possesses reduced need for processing power and the solid-state disc storage makes the Chromebook a speedy device. The Chromebook has a longer-lasting battery as the operating system does not have many add-ons to run in the background. The lightweight feature and the fast computing experience make the device faster.

Compatibility with Android Apps

Many Android apps work perfectly with some Chromebook models. The Google Chrome operating system on which the Chromebook works is similar to the Android-based smartphone operating systems.

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